One of the biggest I had to learn myself and after interviewing over 3000 people

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We live in a results economy. I think this is the biggest and most important lesson I had to learn coming into the real world. Graduating with a Computer Science degree and Economics degree, my world was filled with teamwork and good intentions. I first started to learn the lesson when I started bombing interview after interview. I did finally get a job as a developer, but it never felt right, I knew I was not good at it, so I moved on.

When I got into recruitment, which is a commission role, this is really when it started to hit home. We live in a results economy, meaning you only get paid for results. You do not get paid for trying, for your efforts, or for your good intentions. In recruitment, much like many sales roles, you only get paid when you get results, in my case find the perfect candidate for the job. There is no prize for second place. Sometimes your client may thank you for trying, but most of the time they are thinking that you have wasted their time. Also, you are only recognized for consistent results. If you did well once but did not do well for them recently, it does not matter, your client will move on. …

7 simple steps

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A lot of time I get a call from candidates who started looking for a new job because of all they really want a 5–10 percent increase in their salary. They like their jobs, like their colleagues, like their role, and like their company. In the perfect world, they would just get their raise and they are happy as can be.

The first logical question I ask them is, have you asked for a raise? 90 percent of the time the answer is no. And the reason why the answer is no, is because no one really knows how to ask for a raise. …

3 tasks and 10 key traits from someone who has interviewed over 3000 people

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People don’t leave companies, they leave managers. This is what is often said to me. In over 15 years as a recruitment consultant, having interviewed over 3000 people, I find that this is true 60 percent of the time. The 40 percent of the time are when things that are completely out of the manager’s control, budgets, change in company direction, or simply because the person has outgrown the team.

I want to share what traits people appreciate the most in leaders.

First, there are 3 tasks that leaders and managers need to do. I find that most managers are good at and enjoy 2 out of 3 things. …

What to expect once you signed the offer and after you have resigned — the stresses of changing jobs

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You got a new job, you got the offer, signed it, just resigned. Everyone around you seems happy for you and the grass seems greener on the other side. But you do not know why you feel like you are going to puke every 5 minutes. The questions running through your mind of “Oh My God, did I make the right decision?” or the paralyzing fear of wondering if you will fail. …

Sometimes is the best answer even in an interview — it can help you win it

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Admitting that I do not know something I feel like I am “supposed” to, was a hard thing for me to do. It still is. Especially when my 8-year-old daughter asks me something, I feel the immense pressure of being the all knowing super woman in her world and I feel like if I admit that I don’t know, her whole image of me will come crashing down. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration. …

What is behind the question, ways to answer this dreaded question, and my 3 weaknesses

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I am sure we have all been there. Sitting in an interview room thinking that the interview is actually going relatively well and feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Then they drop the dreaded question, “so tell me what is your weakness?”

You answer something like I am a perfectionist, thinking, that has got to be the right answer. They pause, then ask, “no really, what is your greatest weakness?”

Your mind goes blank. And you think to yourself, interviewing is your greatest weakness! …

These are just the tip of the iceberg

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Source: LinkedIn Russell Brunson’s profile

I am always searching for ways to do things better, in business and in life. About 5 years ago that is where I stumbled across Tony Robbins. From there, I was introduced to Dean Graziosi and Jenna Kutcher. Most recently I came across Russell Brunson.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels, a company Forbes reported to be $360 Million Dollars that he built from zero funding. He is an expert marketer and in a 10X event, sold over $3 Million Dollars in a 90-minute presentation.

Achievements aside, what really caught my eye was how down to earth he is. He has good family values and always talks about making more impact. …

5 Dos and 3 Don’ts

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I personally underestimated how much I depended on reading body language when I am in meetings. It is a big part of communication that we are all currently missing. We all take the little things for granted.

Unfortunately, video can only give a little bit of the body language part to an interview. I find even though most of the interviews are done via video, many of us still do not know the etiquette of a good video meeting.

I have had candidates not take a job because they did not feel like the interviewer respected the interview simply because they were not looking into the camera. …

6 little questions could stand in the way of you landing your dream job…

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I always call the client right after I get feedback from the candidate. 85% of the time the candidates think they have done really well.

Unfortunately, sometimes the call goes something like this:

June, the interview was going so well but then they asked about…

Can you please find us someone else?

To make sure that this does not happen to you and to make sure you make the most of your first interview. …

In the ocean of endless job titles

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I get asked this question all the time, June, now that I have decided it is time to look for a new job, what do I do? What role should I apply for?

I wish the answer is straightforward. Do you know how many titles there are for software developers?

There are web developers, front end developers, fullstack developer, software engineer, computer programmer, software analyst, development consultant, and the list goes on. I can easily name at least 50 titles for software developers alone. For a recruiter like me looking at all these titles are just another day on the job and we know the nuances of each job within each company. …


June Coffey

Software Developer turned IT Specialist Recruitment Consultant, Entrepreneur, Proud mom of an 8 year old girl

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